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Chad Smith...or Will Ferrell?

Five random facts for Friday

1. SELENA GOMEZ'S rep confirmed that Selena spent two weeks in rehab last month . . . but said it was NOT for substance abuse. Now, TMZ is claiming it was a six-week program . . . but that Selena BAILED after two weeks, against the advice of "medical professionals."  They claim she was there because she has issues with alcohol, pot and the prescription drug Ambien.

2. There's been a lot of talk recently about the resemblance between RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer CHAD SMITH and WILL FERRELL.  Even Will himself has addressed it in a video. Well, Chad is keeping their fake feud going in a video . . . in which he demands that Will stop impersonating him, and challenges him to a drum battle.

3.  At a gym, the first muscles women look at on a man are his BACK muscles.  The first thing a man looks at on a woman is her BUTT.

4.  Your eardrums rupture at 150 decibels . . . slightly louder than a jet engine going off right next to you.  Your lungs would rupture at 200 decibels . . . but it's impossible for a sound to be louder than 194 decibels, because the air breaks down the sound waves.

5.  The "New York Times" had ELIZABETH TAYLOR'S obituary written for so long that the guy who wrote it died SIX YEARS before she did.  The writer was a theater critic who died at age 71 in 2005 . . . Elizabeth Taylor died at age 79 in 2011.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Every Stage of a Relationship
1.  A few dates in.  Nice chocolates . . . some manly accessories like a good shaving set . . . or just a card.

2.  Dating, but on the way to the "being exclusive" talk. A concert or sports tickets . . . a personalized gift basket filled with their favorite things . . . or a sleek messenger bag. (Not a Man-Purse)

3.  Long-term relationship. Perfume or cologne . . . a tech gadget . . . or fancy lingerie.

4.  Married.  Jewelry . . . a nice watch . . . or a vacation for just the two of you.
COWBOY NEWS Country Music headlines

Eric Church will be profiled on CBS's Sunday Morning this Sunday. Eric releases his album The Outsiders on Tuesday, and in the interview he will talk about being on the edges of country music. He says, " I'm sympathetic to anybody that does their own thing. I'm sympathetic to people that beat to their own drummer and whether it's popular or not, they do it anyway."

Thompson Square heads out on their own with their 2014 Just Feels Good Tour. Keifer says it was time for him and Shawna to get back to the basics of one show, one band and one great crowd kind of mind set. Thompson Square performs at Rodeo Austin on March 4th, and they will be on the ACM Awards show on April 6th. 

Today marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles touching down in America sparking Beatlemania. It's hard to find a musician who has not been influenced by the Fab Four, but Keith Urban grew up in a house without any Beatles records…

RANDY TRAVIS'S recovery from last summer's stroke is going slow, but things ARE looking up.  His dad tells "Closer Weekly", quote, "Randy's doctors are extremely pleased with his progress.  He's getting his voice back now, little by little."

ERIC PASLAY is NRA Country Artist of the Month for February. 

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02/07/2014 8:33AM
Chad Smith...or Will Ferrel?
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