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Feb.21st 2013 KORA Roger WWW Garrett Morning

Today on the Roger WWW Garrett Morning Show with Jessy we talked about:

It's not your imagination . . . women really DO talk more than men.  The average woman says 20,000 words a day . . . which is almost TRIPLE the number guys say, at about 7,000.  And now science has figured out why.  Researchers at the University of Maryland identified a protein in the brain that helps us produce speech.  And women have 30% more of it than men.
Researchers at the University of Vermont looked at 10 million tweets, to see how happy people are around the country.  Hawaii is the happiest state in the country . . . followed by Maine and Nevada.  Napa, California is the happiest city, and Beaumont, Texas is saddest….
MIRANDA LAMBERT told BEYONCÉ at the GRAMMYS that she's a "big inspiration" and a "huge fan". --Miranda, "I tapped her on the shoulder and just told her I was a huge fan and that she was a big inspiration to me.  I just talked to her like a genuine fan . . . because I am. --"I was really nervous, but she's very gracious.  She was very, very sweet.  And she said, 'I'm a fan of you and your husband.'"
We now know a few more details about Blake Shelton's upcoming appearance on buddy Reba's sitcom, "Malibu Country." Titled "Oh Brother" and airing on ABC March 1, the episode has Reba's wayward brother, Blake, coming up with a plan to turn mama Lillie Mae's BBQ sauce into a money-making venture. But Blake's reputation for get-rich-quick schemes causes his sister to have doubts.
Believe it or not, America's coffee obsession peaked in 1946.  Back then, the average American drank 48 gallons a year.  That's around 17 ounces a day . . . or about two coffee mugs.  Now we drink 23 gallons a year, or about eight ounces a day . . . more like ONE mug.  It's because we have more ways to get caffeine today, and we're more likely to buy coffee at stores than to brew large amounts at home or at work. Roger & Jessy agreed they are still down the 2-5 cups a Day anyway!
Taylor Swift wore an Ellie Saab gown at the Brit Awards that made headlines around the Web, Taylor’s double-leg slit look is already E!’s pick for Best of the Red Carpet.
BLACKBERRY SMOKE and ZAC BROWN BAND decided it was their turn to record a video of them doing the "Harlem Shake". 
The current record for most number of “shakers” is held by t.u…Alabama tried to break the record but their attempt got shut down because the student organizer did not get a permit…
Here is a link to the Zac & Smoke Video:


According to a new survey by CareerBuilder, 75% of the time you apply for a job, you'll get REJECTED . . . and the company won't even bother to tell you.  And that can happen at any point in the process.  They might not call you after you send in your resume . . . or they might not call you even after they interview you...But Jessy said to not let that number discourage because you will definitely not get 100% of the jobs you never apply for!
The Free Advice for Today was:  

Five Habits to Help You Get Out of Debt…
If you're struggling with debt, chances are it didn't happen overnight.  Which means you can't make it go away overnight either.  It takes lifestyle changes, and a long-term plan.  And MSN Money has five good suggestions for new habits that can help you . . .
#1.)  Have a goal and a deadline.  You need to start with an overall goal, and a time frame to reach it.  From there, you figure out how to reach the goal in the time you have.  It sounds simplistic.  But if it was easy . . . you probably wouldn't be in debt.
--You divide your main goal into smaller goals, each with its own deadline.  So if you want to get out of debt within two years, take the whole amount, figure out how much you have to pay off each month, then force that into a monthly budget.
#2.)  Be realistic and honest.  The goals have to be doable.  You'll stay more motivated if you set goals that you can actually meet consistently.  If you try to do too much, you'll end up giving up right away.  And nothing will change.
#3.)  Hang out with like-minded people.  If your close friends are all spending more money than you, you're probably not going to get out of debt.  You'll keep spending money that you should be saving, just to be included in what they do.
#4.)  Keep track of all your expenses.  There’s no substitute for seeing numbers on paper.  When you record every dollar you spend, you'll notice more areas where money gets wasted, and you'll save more.
#5.)   Take one balance at a time.  Pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first.  Then the next highest, and so on, until you’re done.
--It’s a simple formula . . . spend less than you make.  Then it's just a matter of time.
And Today’s #1 Song on This Date in History was:

1976 –  Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson hit number-one on the Billboard country chart with "Good Hearted Woman."

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Feb.21st 2013 KORA Roger WWW Garrett Morning
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