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COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
 TRACE ADKINS’ wife Rhonda filed for divorce on Tuesday, citing irreconcilable differences.  She's asking for custody of their three kids, who are 16, 12 and nine. She wants to be named the sole beneficiary of his life insurance policy. They've been married 16 years. TRACE also lost his father last month.

Before MIRANDA LAMBERT'S song "Automatic" even came out, people were asking her if it was a statement about her marriage to BLAKE SHELTON.  It's not. Miranda: "You make a commitment and you stick to it." Miranda is also under the assumption that country marriages last longer, like Johnny and June [Cash], George and Nancy [Jones] . . . Faith and Tim [McGraw.]  I'm thankful we have those role models.  I feel like our peers are rooting for us.  They're holding us up."

STEPHEN BARKER LILES of LOVE AND THEFT is engaged to be married.  He and his fiancée Jenna will make it official on August 24th.  Their son Jett is four months old.

DARYLE SINGLETARY and his wife are expecting their fourth child in September.

BRANTLEY GILBERT accepted a challenge to do a Polar Plunge . . . so he ripped off his shirt and jumped into the still frigid Cumberland River, next to Nashville.  He even did a pretty wicked backflip. We have the video but there’s cursing in it!!!


Six Stats on How and Why People Get Divorced
A law firm in England surveyed 1,000 divorced couples and came up with these stats on HOW and WHY people get divorced.  Check 'em out!
 1.  The average person spends 24 months and 12 days thinking about getting divorced before they pull the trigger.  They also spend 18 of those 24 months really trying to fix their marriage.
2.  The top reason for divorces is . . . CHEATING.  The rest of the top five are:  Unhappiness . . . too much arguing . . . falling out of love . . . and not communicating anymore.
3.  5% of people still wear their wedding ring after their divorce.
4.  The average divorce costs $8,800.
5.  77% of people say their divorce impacted their children.
6.  More than HALF of divorces are amicable.  53% of people say their divorce was NOT bitter and 45% are still friends with their ex.  31% have zero contact with their ex. 


Ten Small Changes That Lead to Weight Loss
Making SMALL changes actually leads to more weight loss than going hardcore with diet and exercise. 
1.  Write down what you eat. 
2.  Get up and move around during commercials.
3.  Always take the stairs.  Climb three extra flights of stairs per day.
4.  Pack your own lunch.  You'll save thousands of calories and hundreds of dollars.
5.  Walk anywhere that's less than a mile away.
6.  When you're eating a treat, make the experience LAST . . . like about 10 minutes.  And eat more slowly in general.
7.  Skip juice and eat a whole piece of fruit instead.
8.  Order a simple coffee instead of the mochachino type stuff. 
9.  Drop high calorie foods like cookies at the rate of one serving per week.  At the same time, add one dose of healthy stuff like broccoli.
10. Get plenty of rest.  For some reason, sleep deprivation causes weight gain.


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03/27/2014 8:10AM
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