3 Videos You Can't Miss Out On!
COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines Martina McBride is #1 on Billboard's Country Albums chart with her covers compilation Everlasting. Luke Bryan's Crash My Party follows at number-two, while Florida Georgia Line's Here's to the Good Times...
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Me and My New Buddy
I had the opportunity to attend a program at Texas A&M University last night. Rev, the First Lady of TAMU, was in attendance. She was such a well behaved girl. I wonder if she would consider hanging out with Judy (Aiden's dog). The words "well...
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Song of the Day!

“98.3 KORA”, Aggieland Outfitters, and KAGS present an exciting double barrel Song of the Day Sweepstakes opportunity to win a VIP Weekend to Texas Thunder and tickets to a concert of a lifetime, details coming soon. Click here to find out how you can win!

The Tournament of Sidekicks

Heroes usually get all the glory, but sometimes it’s the person next to them that really wins the hearts of fans. They may fall back in the shadows, but every good guy knows the value of a loyal partner. The right hand man (or woman). The comic relief. And in some cases the true hero. Here are 64 of our favorite sidekicks from novels, comics, and TV/film, battling head-to-head over six rounds to determine who will come out on top of: The Tournament of Sidekicks.

Big Country Fest Interviews

Roger & Jessy interview Kim Dunn and Kyle Park who will be playing at this year's Big Country Fest this Saturday at Wolf Pen Creek Amplitheater and is brought to you by DNA Promotions. Click on the pictures for the interviews!


Office of the Week!

Enter our OFFICE OF THE WEEK CONTEST to win a delicious desserts tray from Patranella’s Bakery and Café, delivered to your workplace personally by Roger & Jessy from the ROGER WWW GARRETT morning show! Enter your business HERE or email your entry at jessy@brazosradio.com. Please include the name and street address of your business, your name, your supervisor’s name, and business telephone number. Also, please take a survey among your co-workers and tell us the #1 country artist or country song in your OFFICE POLL! And thank you for being a part of the ROGER WWW GARRETT Morning show with Roger and Jessy with a “Y”!

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