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In Music News:
Toby Keith is getting bad reviews for his opening night at the Houston Rodeo…described as “going through the motions,” slurry speech, too much red solo cup, a playlist of songs that were all country clichés, and an opening video that was just one big long truck commercial. Toby told the crowd it was his 12th appearance at the Houston Rodeo…it was actually #9, and maybe the last.—Ouch..
The video for Jerrod Niemann's current single, "Only God Could Love You More," makes its debut tomorrow (Tuesday) on Vevo.com and Vevo mobile apps. In addition, Jerrod co-hosts The ACM Video Preview Special, which premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on GAC. In the show, Jerrod make various stops at Las Vegas hotspots while bringing viewers up to speed on the latest news and information about this year’s ACM-nominated artists. 
BRAD PAISLEY Tweeted a photo of himself standing next to a water purification system in Haiti that he helped build.  He wrote, quote, "One of our full service water stations in Haiti, complete with hillbilly water pump."
HUNTER HAYES says his type of woman is, quote, "Whoever can get along with me.  As geeky and as high-energy as I am it's gonna take somebody pretty patient."
SCOTTY MCCREERY said he "loves" that KEITH URBAN is a judge on "American Idol".  But he doesn't think Keith's fellow judge NICKI MINAJ "gets" country.
 In Other Wacky News:
Here's an interesting technique you can use to DE-CLUTTER your place.  Just get rid of 10 things a DAY, for an entire year.  Throw them out, sell them, donate them, whatever . . . just get rid of them.  By the end of the year, you'll have 3,650 fewer pieces of useless junk in your house.
Last week, a 21-year-old man in Texas got his $1,000 tax return . . . then blew it all at a strip club.  But . . . he's married, and that tax refund was also his wife's.  So he called the police and made up a FAKE ROBBERY as a cover story.  They eventually found inconsistencies in his story, and he was arrested for filing a false report.  There's no word on his wife's reaction.
According to a new study, THE key to making money at your job is your starting salary.  Most companies base your raises off a percentage of your salary, so where you start dictates everything.  The study found that if you negotiate your starting salary to $55,000 instead of $50,000, it's worth more than $600,000 to you over the course of a 40-year career. 
Here are some of the best and worst retail employee discounts.  American Apparel gives employees 50% off everything, and a $200 stipend.  Best Buy lets employees buy stuff at wholesale cost plus 5%.  The worst is definitely Home Depot . . . they don't even GIVE an employee discount.
Today’s First Winner of the Day Question had to do with:
According to a new study, you spend more money when you smell oranges while you shop.  Researchers tested different odors on shoppers at a home furnishings store, and when people smelled oranges, they spent an average of $62 . . . $12 more than when there was no smell.  That's a 24% increase.      
AND Today’s Question of the Day Contest was on the Topic of Monopoly:
Believe it or not, Monopoly doesn't always HAVE to be a marathon.  You can actually win a game in just NINE ROLLS.  Basically, you just have to fly around the board, get Park Place or Boardwalk, and buy houses.  Then your opponent rolls, lands on Chance, and gets a card sending them straight to Boardwalk.  They can't afford to pay, and they lose.
Today’s Free-Advice was:
4 Tips for Talking About Your Biggest Weakness in a Job Interview
--Here are four ways to make sure your next answer to the "biggest weakness" question is a good one.
#1.)  Don't Prepare an Exact Response.  You should THINK about your answer ahead of time.  You just shouldn't REHEARSE it, because it won't seem authentic. 
#2.)  Talk About How You've Conquered the Weakness.  Pick something you USED to be bad at, and now you're at least OKAY at it.  And if possible, have a story to tell.
--For example, if you think being SHY is your biggest weakness, explain how you're NOT shy when it comes to things like meetings and conference calls.  And that you actually ended up making a lot of friends at your last job.
#3.)  Don't Say Your Biggest Weakness Is That You "Work Too Hard".  Or that you, quote, "tend to be a perfectionist."  Both are stock answers that hiring managers hear all the time.
--And it's basically like admitting you don't KNOW what your biggest weakness is.

#4.)  Be Honest, But Don't Mention Any Essential Skills.  For example, if it's a desk job and you say you're not very fast at TYPING, you won't get hired.
--In fact, according to one expert, you're better off listing a skill that's not relevant to the job AT ALL.  Like, if you're applying for a job as a car salesman and tell them you have a terrible SINGING VOICE, they might just laugh and move on.
--With that said, you SHOULD choose something relevant, if possible.  And obviously don't pick anything TOO personal . . . like that you're terrible with money.
Lastly, Today’s #1 Song’s on This Date in history was:
1955 - Webb Pierce begins a 21-week run atop the Billboard country chart with "In the Jailhouse Now."
2000 –  "Amazed" climbs to the number-one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, making Lonestar the first country act to top that chart since "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

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02/26/2013 8:15AM
Sha-Fuzz-Ba Tuesday!
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