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Six Secrets & Six Random Things!!

Today’s Free Advice: Six Random Things That Can Predict Your Life Expectancy
1.  Your speed at pressing buttons.  Slow reaction time has been linked to premature death in a bunch of studies.  Being slow even gives you a higher chance for early death than if you have cardiovascular disease. 
2.  If you were a hard-working, obsessive cheapskate when you were young.  Having that kind of personality is good for you in the long term because it creates healthy habits.  Being a bit of a worrier is also beneficial.
3.  You have a four year degree.  This could add a decade to your life span, and a little more if you're a woman.  Not surprisingly, people who never graduated from high school have way lower life expectancies than other people.
4.  You floss and brush your teeth DAILY.  Basic dental care adds years to your lifespan.  People who don't floss every day have a 30% higher chance of dying early.
5.  You walk really fast.  People who walk fast tend to live longer.  Your pace needs to be about 2.25 miles per hour to make a difference.
6.  You can get up off the floor easily.  If you CAN'T get up off the floor into a standing position without tipping over, or needing something to help you balance, then you're a lot more likely to die early.

COWBOY NEWS Country music headlines
JUSTIN MOORE is a huge fan of the Discovery Channel show "Moonshiners".  The weird part is that he just found out he has a connection to the show.  He says, quote, "One of the guys went to high school with my aunt.  So maybe we'll have to hook up down the road."
MIRANDA LAMBERT'S new album "Platinum" will out June 3rd . . . and she put a lot of thought into the title.  She says, quote, "Platinum is my hair color and my wedding ring and the color of my Airstream trailer and the name of one of my favorite beers.  It's about a lifestyle." 
FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE released the video to their song "This Is How We Roll", which features a guest appearance from LUKE BRYAN. ....

AND We have found the video for you to watch:

JOHNNY DEPP played bass in WILLIE NELSON'S band during their performance of "On The Road Again" at the South by Southwest festival on Sunday.  (Here's the video.  Johnny's wearing the fedora and button-down vest.)
Country Music Hall of Famer MEL TILLIS had heart surgery in Nashville over the weekend.  His daughter PAM TILLIS released this statement:  "Daddy required a routine heart procedure.  He's doing fantastic and is expected to make a full recovery.  He's already cutting up and cracking jokes with the nurses.  Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated."
KELLIE PICKLER performed two songs at Nashville's Ballet Ball on Saturday.  It's a benefit that raises money for local dance programs.  After the show she Tweeted, "Blessed to have been a part of the #NashvilleBallet tonight!  Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of your special night!"  

The Six Secrets of Every Happy Marriage
A new study of more than 10,000 couples in 110 different countries found the SIX secrets that were true across almost EVERY happy and successful marriage .

1.  Mutual respect.
2.  Deciding divorce is NOT an option.  Successful couples decide at the beginning that there's no plan B . . . this is IT . . . and that leads to more patience.
3.  Daily rituals.  Whether it's having coffee together every morning or watching the news at night, having something you do together every day is key.
4.  Spirituality.  Virtually all the couples believed in a higher power.
5.  Not worrying about sex.  The study found that if you take care of the relationship and communicate, the sex will take care of itself.
6.  Putting your marriage before your kids.  If you make your marriage the priority . . . and don't just focus 100% on your kids . . . it keeps your marriage strong.  Which is important for your kids AND you . . . since THEY'RE going to move out one day, and you'll still be there together. 


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03/11/2014 7:20AM
Six Secrets & Six Random Things!!
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