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TGIF's Roger WWW Garrett Morning Show With Jessy!!

On Friday’s Roger WWW Garrett Morning Show With Jessy we talked about….
Buzzfeed uncovered a vintage recording of JOHNNY CASH doing "I Walk the Line" in German.  It's strange . . . but it's pretty cool. 
 Here is the Link..
According to a new study, 50% of men and more than 50% of women lose an average of six to 10 pounds when they have an AFFAIR.  The reason could be an affair makes you HAPPIER, which can lead to healthier eating . . . or that the stress leads to burning more calories.
John Fogerty had high praise for the five country artists who took part in the recording his upcoming Wrote a Song for Everyone album: Brad Paisley "a great guitarist, probably one of the greatest that's ever lived." Keith Urban "a monster musican." Miranda Lambert "adores" her and "loves that voice, especially on the song 'More Like Her.'" Alan Jackson “is like having Lincoln on your record. " Zac Brown Band "somewhere between a jam band and a country band."
Today’s First Winner of the Day Question had to do with the following:
According to a new study, the age when women officially feel old is . . . 46.  Until age 46, you might TALK about being old, and even worry about being old . . . but you don't totally BELIEVE it until you hit 46.
If you always suspected your parents had a favorite child, you might be on to something.  In a new survey, one in 12 parents admitted they have one child they LOVE more than the rest.  The most common reason was they felt a, quote, "stronger bond" with that child. Roger said he could be in trouble for releasing this information over the airwaves && Jessy said she gonna need to have a talk with her parents after the show!!
Ashlee Arnau, a cheerleader at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Miss., made an incredible front-flip half-court shot at halftime of the school's men's basketball game that became an instant Internet sensation. The ball was placed on the floor at midcourt. Arnau approached it with a running start, did a front-flip, grabbing the ball while she was upside down, and then launching it toward the basket while her legs swung forward. She said the front-flip shot was a takeoff on the front-flip throw-in that soccer players do.

Here is the link to the Video of the Shot on YouTube:

SCOTTY MCCREERY and a children's choir in Nashville performed the GARTH BROOKS classic "The River".  Scotty was there to hand over a $1.2 million check to school music programs as part of the CMA Keep the Music Playing program. It was a great performance, and Scotty has such a great voice, Jessy can’t wait for him to record a new CD!

Today’s Question of The Day Contest had to do with:
According to a new survey by a British cosmetics company, the average woman spends 474 entire days of her life putting on makeup.  That's more than one year and three months.  The average woman spends three hours and 19 minutes putting on makeup in a week, or an average of over 28 minutes a day.
Today’s Free Advice was…
The Three Best and Worst Double Date Ideas
Match.com recently asked users to vote on the best and worst ideas for a double date. 
#1.)  Taking a Class Together.  Like dance lessons or a cooking class.  17% of people said it's a good choice for a double date.  And according to relationship experts, any date where you LEARN something together is great. 
#2.)  Going Hiking.  23% of people said it's their ideal double date, especially if the weather's nice and it's somewhere scenic.
#3.)  Going to a Casual Restaurant, or Cooking Dinner at Someone's Place.  An overwhelming 49% of people said it's their favorite thing to do on a double date.  (--So in other words, 49% of us are boring and/or cheap.)
 #1.)  Going to a Movie.  Mostly because you can't talk, so it's not very social.  That said, plenty of couples DO go to the movies on double dates.  The trick is to just have a drink AFTER the movie . . . so you can all talk about it.   
#2.)  A Fancy, Candlelit Dinner.  It's good for ONE couple, but not a group because it's too formal.  And because nice restaurants are usually quiet, which discourages you from laughing or cracking jokes.  37% of people said dinner at a fancy restaurant is a bad double date idea.
#3.)  Spending a Spa Day Together.  52% of people agreed it's no good, mainly because it's hard to relax when you're making small talk.  Plus, it's not a good date for women, because steam and make-up don't go well together.

AND The #1 Song of the Day on This Date in history was…
1997 –  Brooks and Dunn tops the Billboard country chart with "A Man This Lonely."

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02/22/2013 8:20AM
TGIF's Roger WWW Garrett Morning Show With Jessy!!
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