The Answer to WHY you are still Single!

( AHHH, it’s Finally Friday)


Four Mistakes Single People Make

If you've been single for a while and can't figure out why, this is for you. . . .


 1.  You don't get out and socialize often enough. 
Staying in and binge watching "Game of Thrones" can SOUND appealing after a long day or week of work . . . but it's not going to get you dates.
2.  You keep dating the same type of person over and over again. 
If your last few relationships failed miserably, it's probably time to reassess and make some changes.
3.  You have a "friend with benefits." 
Having a sure thing is such a tempting option, it'll probably keep you from meeting someone who's dating material.
And if you're hoping it develops into an ACTUAL relationship, you're wasting your time.
4.  You're still hung up on an ex. 
The last thing anyone wants to hear about is how big a jerk your ex is.  If you've still got some baggage from a past relationship, deal with it before trying to jump into something new.


COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines

Since it's Friday and We all wish we could do THIS….
Here is the Video for "Day Drinking" from Little Big Town!


RASCAL FLATTS was relieved when "Rewind" topped the country singles chart back in May . . . because it'd been two years since their last #1. 
Bassist JAY DEMARCUS said, “Spending that much time away from radio is scary."  
LEE BRICE is heading into the studio next month to record a gospel album with members of his family.  He says, "My mom and her sisters sang gospel music my whole life.  I'm going to send a tour bus to pick them all up and I'm going to make a record with them.  We're going to sing classic gospel songs and have them sing in the background."
MIRANDA LAMBERT and CARRIE UNDERWOOD wear wigs, ride motorcycles and act sassy in the video to their song "Somethin' Bad"
HUNTER HAYES will be performing at the 75th anniversary of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.  The festivities are August 2nd in Cooperstown, New York. 
The video for KENNY CHESNEY’S new single, "American Kids," premieres Monday on CMT, GAC and online at VEVO.
The clip and the song reflect a more innocent time. Kenny says, “it paints a picture of how we all grow up, the innocence and the fun; but if you really listen, it’s about how we should really live and love.”
TIM MCGRAW will be featured on the PBS series "Live From the Artists Den".  His episode airs July 4th.

Mark Wahlberg's "Transformers" Movie In Theaters


Mark Wahlberg discovers that the truck he's planning to strip for parts is actually an injured Optimus Prime.  He and his family are then attacked by a strike team sent by Kelsey Grammer, a CIA agent who wants to destroy all the surviving Transformers.
Stanley Tucci is also in it as a scientist trying to reverse engineer the autobots so he can build his own Transformers.  And a blonde hottie named Nicola Petz plays Marky Mark's daughter.
This movie also busts out the DINOBOTS . . . has John Goodman as the voice of a Transformer named Hound . . . and brings back the old voice of the cartoon Megatron (Frank Welker) to do the voice of a new villain named Galvatron.

Ten Things on Social Media That Can Cost You a Job


According to a new survey from Career Builder, 43% of employers now check social media like Facebook and Twitter before they decide to hire you.  

1.  Inappropriate photos, or anything else provocative.
2.  Posts about drinking or doing drugs.
3.  Negative comments about a former boss or co-worker.
4.  Anything that shows you have poor communication skills.  Which could mean posts where you argue with people and are rude, or just lousy grammar and spelling . . . which pretty much includes ALL social media.
5.  Any comments that discriminate against race, gender, or religion.
6.  Anything that shows you lied on your resume.
7.  Anything you posted about a previous employer that should have been confidential.
8.  Anything that links you to criminal behavior.
9.  Having an unprofessional username.
10.  Anything that shows you've lied to get a sick day. 


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