I had my first baby when I was 39 and three quarters years old.  Emrie was born on July 1.  I turned 40 on August 12.  She was going to be my one and only but God had other plans.  Evan was born when I was 41 and three quarters years old.  His birthday is July 28.  I consider all of my little babies (Emrie – 2 and Evan – 6mths) and Aiden (my 11 year old step-son) BLESSINGS but I have to be honest.  There are those does when I think "what have I done?"  

I cant even imagine what must be going through the mind of new mommy, Kimberly Fugate.  She gave birth to identical quadruplets February 8 at the age of 42.  It's a pretty interesting story – she thought she was having 3 and then SURPRISE there was another baby!  You need to check out this story at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2561011/Mom-Kimberly-Fugate-expecting-triplets-gives-birth-identical-QUADRUPLETS-fourth-baby-wasnt-picked-ultrasound.html.

Thank you God for my three kiddos!

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