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Do you know a First Responder who deserves a little extra recognition? Nominate a deserving First Responder to win a grand prize package of a

BIG Dollar Bill Game 2022 KORA

The BIG Dollar Bill Game Look for dollar bills 9-8-3 in the serial number. It’s easy to play: Collect one-dollar bills with a 9,8, and

Free Advice

Every weekday morning at 7:25A, Roger and Darby bring you Free Advice! You didn’t ask for it, but sometimes it’s actually helpful. FREE ADVICE ARCHIVES:

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98.3 KORA People

Darby M-F 6A-10A

I get to help wake up all of Aggieland every weekday with my bud Roger WWW Garrett. It’s

Keith James M-F 3P-7P

Keith James is Program Director of KORA. Keith, raised in Florida, but has lived in Texas since 2000

Dr. Ron 8P-10P

Dr. Ron has been a longtime member of the KORA team! Dr. Ron spent many years managing/booking talent at the legendary The Texas Hall of Fame.