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Country Quiz:  Who Said?  "I have a birthmark that's shaped like Tennessee . . . on my thigh.  It's really weird because there's a freckle right by where Nashville is.  Clearly, it was fate."  Answer:  KACEY MUSGRAVES, sharing one of the reasons she was destined to be a country singer." 
Two men and a woman were arrested near TAYLOR SWIFT'S Rhode Island mansion on Sunday . . . for throwing beer bottles, yelling profanities, and flipping off the security guard.  One of the arrested dudes tried to play it down by claiming they were just drinking some beer and things got out of hand.  Taylor wasn't at the house when it happened. 
JOHNNY DEPP played guitar with WILLIE NELSON again.  This time it was at his show on Tuesday in Boston.  After it was over, Willie posted a photo of them on Instagram. They also played together at south by southwest last March.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD has very quietly gone on a charity mission to Haiti.  She's there with a group called Danita's Children.  They rescue, feed and provide medical assistance for impoverished children. has more details.
DAVID NAIL released a video of him doing an acoustic version of his song "Kiss You Tonight".
DANIELLE PECK and her fiancé Josh Smith eloped last Thursday.  They got married at the Belleek Castle in Ireland.  You can check out pics of the happy couple, the wedding ring, and the castle at

Here's the Math Formula to Pick the Right Person to Date, or the Right Thing to Do . . . Every Time

 A mathematician named Martin Gardner came up with a simple math formula several decades ago, to help you make tough choices like that.  For some reason it just started resurfacing now.  Here's what you do . . .
1.  Decide on the number of people you'll go out with in the near future.  To make it simple, let's say you'll go out with 12 people in the next few months.
2.  Go out with exactly 36.8% of them.  And do NOT settle down with any of them.  That's the EXACT calculation he found to get an accurate sample of what's out there….So if you date 12 people, that means you only need to go out with four or five of them.  Now you have a big enough sample to make a fair comparison.
3.  From that point on, as SOON as you go out with someone who's better than the best person in that first group, THAT'S the person to get serious with…Why?  Because if you haven't found something better by then, the odds are . . . YOU'RE NOT GOING TO.
4.  If you don't meet anyone better than anyone in that first group, go with the most recent new person ANYWAY. 
Sure, they might not be AS good as someone from that first group, but the people in the first group are no longer considered an option . . .  you've REJECTED them, you've moved on, and you operate under the assumption they're gone.
Supposedly it works because you've given yourself great odds, and a mathematically accurate sample that you can compare things to.
Basically, it's a technique to make decisions without feeling like you've jumped in too quickly, or without weighing your options.  That way you can be confident, with no regrets.
And that goes for ANY decision.  Because you can use the formula to pick ANYTHING . . . a house to buy, a place to rent, a person to hire at your company, a movie to watch on Netflix, what to order at a restaurant, whatever.  You're welcome.


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How to Reboot a Bad Day in Ten Minutes or Less

1.  Move to another location.  Just get away from your problems.  Go outside for some fresh air.  If you're in a tall building, climb a few flights of stairs.  Exercise is relaxing anyway, and you'll feel better once you get some endorphins going.
2.  Give yourself a treat.  Have a cup of tea or some chocolate, something you really enjoy.  The more you focus on it, the more you shut out all the stuff that's bugging you.
3.  Do a good deed.  If you do something nice for someone and you really mean it, it's basically impossible to keep feeling bad afterwards.  You could even find someone else who's having a bad day, and give them some encouragement.
4.  Write it down.  For some reason, writing about things that are bothering you can help you let go of them.  Just summarize the problem and say something about how you plan to fix it, and you'll probably end up feeling more optimistic about it.


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