I went to a jewelry party last night.  Not the kind where you buy jewelry but the kind where you sell it.  It was actually kind of cool.  I had lots of old silver and gold jewelry that I never wear anymore.  In fact, some of it, I had forgotten that I ever owned.  I sold quite a bit but I couldn't seem to let go of my tulip rings.

I don't know if these were a big deal anywhere else but way "back in the day" they were the hot item in Brenham.  I actually think I had four of them although I could only find three (the purple/amethyst one is missing).  I was offered a pretty sweet deal for the gold but what would I do with all those tiny stones?  It would probably cost more to have them remounted…and into what?  A big colorful butterfly? 

So effective today, I am bringing back the tulip ring. 


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