A Little Waylon Anyone?

You can take home some of the Outlaw's most prized possessions at an auction being on Oct. 5 in Phoenix. You were thinking Luckenbach, right.  Sorry.  If you can't make it to Phoenix, you can actually absentee bid online at http://www.guernseys.com/.

There is definitely some significant swag up for grabs like the original signed contract for the establishment of the Highwaymen; Willie Nelson's braids (yes, two braids that Willie famously cut off in 1983 to encourage Waylon on his path to sobriety); a custom pair of Nudie cowboy boots from Hank Williams Sr; several Fender guitars; and numerous pages of handwritten song lyrics; and the limited-edition 1958 Ariel Cyclone motorcycle that originally belonged to Waylon's best friend and mentor, Buddy Holly.

A portion of the proceeds will support the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

"Waylon never passed up a child, he never ignored a child," said Jessy Colter, Waylon's wife of 30 years. "So I wanted to give back to Phoenix Children's Hospital in his memory." 


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