Dr. Ron

Dr. Ron has worked in every aspect of Texas country music including playing in bands, running sound,  booking and concert promotion and production.  Most might recognize him as DJ, manager, and booking agent from the legendary night club, Texas Hall of Fame for over a decade.  The transition to radio seemed obvious.  In addition to hosting Texas Nation, he also serves as co-host for  Rusty Baker’s Texas & Beyond Radio Show.

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  1. Keith M Kallina

    Hey Dr. Ron,
    I’ve been trying to find a song that I’m pretty sure I’ve heard on your show. There’s a hook that goes “l’d be lyin’ if I didn’t say I did” and then there is a very catchy guitar riff that repeats throughout the song. I thought it might be a Casey Donahue song but I can’t find it anywhere! Do you know what tune I’m talking about? Thanks 🙂



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