Forget about the Oscars. Did you watch the Walking Dead?

I typically like more zombie action than last night's show provided; however, I truly enjoyed getting to know more about my favorite character, Daryl. I always had him pegged as a wild game hunter or ex-military in the pre-apocalypse world. It wasn't until last night that I learned that he was really a drifter just following his loser big brother Daryl around.

The episode peaked my curiosity enough to do a little more digging online. For the rest of you avid Daryl fans I found out…

1) His mother died in a house fire which was started by a cigarette she left burning when she passed out drunk.
2) He was once lost in the woods for 9 days and survived on berries. When he finally found his way home his dad never even knew he was gone.
3) The motorcycle he drove for the first few seasons actually belonged to Merle


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