Just call me Huggy Bear.  Today is National Hugging Day and I am in my element.  I love hugs – all kinds.  I have included a list of the various types of hugs for you below.  Please feel free to insert them randomly into your day. 

The Catcher – This is a big one.  This hug involves jumping into someone's arm and wrapping your legs around their waist.  It is often seen at places like an airport and may not be appropriate at the workplace. 

The Spinner – This hug is fun for the little ones.  It includes a fullout, feet-off-the-floor spin before the actual squeeze.  Caution:  This one may make you dizzy.

The Squeezer – This is my favorite because this hug allows you to really dig in more so than just a friendly, casual hug.  The harder you squeeze the better!  Note:  If the recipient starts to turn blue it is time to stop squeezing. 

The Looker – This hug comes in three easy steps.  Step 1:  Hug.  Step 2:  Pull back and gaze into the recipeints eyes.  Step 3:  Go back to step one.  Feel free to repeat a couple of time but be careful.  The Looker has been known to lead to the awkward kiss. 

The Long One – Timing is the key to the successful long hug.  So how long is just right?  My rule of thumb is if they try to pull away more than once or call security, it's best practice to let go.  

When it comes to hugs, the best advice I can give is GETCHA SOME!


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