Lucy Hale – actress turned country singer

I have to admit when I first got wind that Lucy Hale, aka Aria from Pretty Little Liars, was singing country music I was not impressed.  Of course, that was before I actually heard her sing a note.  Since then, I've changed my tune (no pun intended).  I would have to say I'm almost a Lucy Hale fan now.  I especially like "You Sound Good to Me."

Perhaps you are like me and still have mixed emotions about the actress turned country music singer…
Maybe we just need to get a more in-depth look at Lucy Hale…

Good news!  You can learn more about Lucy and her venture into the world of country music in the September issue of Cosmo.  Not only is she in an article, she's the cover photo.  Lucy Hale fan or not, I love that peeps who are not country music fans may actually give it a listen thanks to features such as this. 

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