Oh Snow You Didn't

When we put our old house on the market last year it was March.  We packed up everything we didn't think we'd be using for a while including all of our heavy winter coats.  I kept out one for each kiddo but the genius I am packed away all of mine.  And I didn't just fold them and place them in a box somewhere, I bagged them all up in several of those space saver bags where you suck all the air out and compressed them into neat little squares about the size of a lunch box.  Works great for packing.  Not so great for unpacking.  This weekend when I finally got my coats out of storage they were as shriveled as raisins.  

So Monday, in anticipation of more cold weather, I finally broke down and took them all (5) to the cleaners.  And guess what?  That's where they still are this very minute!  Did I mention it's snowing outside? 

Anyone want to run by the cleaners for me on their lunch break and drop my coats off at the station for me?  I'll be your best friend angel

Check out the Brazos Valley Kidz Academy facebook page to see pictures of Emrie and her "priends" in the snow. 


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