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You're More Likely to Get Dumped Today Than Any Other Day of the Year

Here's some advanced warning:  If your boyfriend or girlfriend calls you today and says "We need to talk" . . . hang up the phone and start running.

A new survey found you're more likely to get dumped TODAY than any other day of the year.

22% of people say they've dumped someone on February 10th . . . exactly four days before Valentine's Day.  Mainly because they didn't want to spend Valentine's Day pretending things were okay.

But if you DO get dumped today . . . maybe it's a blessing.  Another survey found that 4% of people say they'd hold off on dumping someone until right AFTER Valentine's Day . . . because they still want a gift and a nice dinner.

And while we're talking about Valentine's Day downers . . . one in 12 married men will buy a Valentine's Day gift for a woman OTHER than their wife this year.




Dustin Lynch Remembers the Moment He Decided to be a Country Singer

It took a while for DUSTIN LYNCH to figure out what he wanted to do for a living.  He went to college on a golf scholarship, but he was also smart enough to get accepted into med school with his sights on being a surgeon.

Not to mention that little hobby of performing in clubs.  He explains, quote, "I played college bars and frat parties, and I had a good following all around the Southeast.  And I was making $2,000 on a Friday night.  That's a lot of money for a college kid."

But the light didn't go on until he and some buddies bought lottery tickets.  He adds, quote, "We were talking about what we'd do if we won.  Like, buy a helicopter and this and that.  And I said, 'If I win, I'm still gonna go and play at that frat party.'

"That was the turning point for me . . . that if I have more money than I know what to do with and I still want to go play a frat party, I should keep playing my music."

Obviously, his parents were THRILLED with his new career choice.  Quote, "It killed [them.]  They still bought me scrubs for my birthday, even after I decided not to go to med school."”

The Band Perry Is Feeling Energized After Their Grammy Win

THE BAND PERRY could sit back and rest for a while after winning their Grammy on Sunday . . . but they're not going to. 

KIMBERLY PERRY says, quote, "It definitely raises the momentum. We're [making] our third album and it gives us an extra burst of energy going into that.  We've always been bar raisers and we're reaching deeper than ever before, and this sure makes it exciting to jump back into the studio."

RaeLynn is a Self-Described "Selfie Queen"

If it looks like RAELYNN put selfies on the front of her "Me" EP, well, that's because she did.  She's way into them.  She says, quote, “The cover of my EP is for sure selfies that I took in my room at my apartment in Nashville.

"Yes, I am a very big selfie person.  I can't help it.  I've always been that way.  You can love it or hate it but I'm a #SelfieQueen."


Country Music Extras

There's a great video of KACY MUSGRAVES performing her song "John Prine" . . . while seated next to JOHN PRINE.  They were on last month's Cayamo music cruise when it happened.

(Here's the video.  It starts with Prine reminiscing about meeting a young Kacey.  Then the song kicks in at 2:29.)



WILLIE NELSON announced that the 30th Annual Farm Aid will be going down September 19th.  The early lineup includes John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, Neil Young, and Willie . . . but many more will be announced the closer we get to the show.  Details are still being worked out.  You can grab updates at

Jack Ingram, Will Hoge, and Bruce Robison are some of the performers at this year's "Mack, Jack & McConaughey" event, which is going down April 16th and 17th in Austin, Texas.  This is the fundraiser started by Ingram, Matthew McConaughey, and football coach Mack Brown, and it benefits children's charities across America.  Jimmy Kimmel will be the emcee at Sunday's concert.  Details are at

Nobody should accuse VINCE GILL and AMY GRANT of waiting until the last minute.  They've already announced the dates of their Christmas residency at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium.  There are eight shows . . . starting on December 2nd, and wrapping on December 23rd.  Hit up for more info.

Four Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Going Broke

Valentine's Day is next weekend, and a new survey says the average couple spends $120 on each other.  If that sounds like a lot, "The Huffington Post" has come up with some ways to celebrate without going broke. . .

1.  Eat at home.  Instead of making reservations at an expensive restaurant, cook dinner at home for WAY less money . . . and more privacy.

2.  Celebrate early.  You don't HAVE to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th.  It'd be cheaper and less crowded to do it THIS weekend . . .or a day or two before.

3.  Do a cheese, chocolate, or wine tasting.  It's a great way to sample some fancy stuff without going broke.

4.  Give each other massages.  Instead of booking expensive massages at a spa, give each other massages at home.



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