Your long awaited, much anticipated…

Quote of the Day!

"One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day." 

Maybe it was the rain or lack of sleep…I'm really not sure but I woke up feeling kind of blue.  I just could not get motivated.  I went through my morning rituals of making coffee, taking a shower, and getting things together for the kids but I couldn't shake the funky feeling BUT then it happened. 

My sweet little Emrie came walking into the bathroom and proclaimed "I went to the potty all by myself!  Santa likes it when I go potty." 

"Yes he does and so does Mommy.  Mommy likes it even more than Santa." 

With the promise of "Princess Panties" if she can go three days with no accidents, Emrie left for "Big School" with a huge smile on her little face and so did I.

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