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Four Things You Should Never Do in a Restaurant

There are so many ways you can make a server at a restaurant miserable, but some are worse than others. A man who worked as a waiter for over 30 years came up with a list of things customers should never do (besides not leaving a tip!) Here are four of their biggest pet peeves while on the job:

#1  Moving Tables
Rearranging tables without asking is a big no-no, since one of them could belong to a different server. It would be like someone coming into your office and moving stuff around on your desk. Don’t do it!
#2 Not Washing Your Hands After Holding Menus
They get handled by dozens of people a day, rarely get cleaned properly, and fall on the floor a lot.  ‘Nuff said!
#3 Sending Food Back When There’s Nothing Wrong With It
Don’t demand a refund just because you ordered frog legs, and then
remembered you quit liking frog legs in high school.
#4 Leaving Gross Stuff Behind
If you blow your nose on a napkin, find a trash can and toss it yourself. Same thing with DIRTY DIAPERS! Really, why would you even change a baby at the table?
Remember these tips the next time you enjoy a meal out on the town. Your wait staff will thank you!

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