Top 5 Things I was Thinking in the Dentist Chair

Last week was the first time I ever tried laughing gas at the dentist.  It definitely took the edge off…in fact, so much so that it was actually a pleasurable experience.  Makes you want to try some right?!  

There was an assortment of thoughts running through my little pea brain.  I thought I'd share the top 5 with you. 
 5)  I wonder what that little hangy thing in the back of my throat is doing right now?
 4)  How do they keep those goggles clean with all of this spit flying?
 3)  This light is so bright…I probably should have waxed my lip before coming in.
 2)  What did I just swallow?
 1)  We should have them over for dinner…

I told you it was good stuff.  What sane person invites their dentist over for dinner?

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